Back before Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was arrested at his Jersey strip mall tanning salon for fighting his brother, he stumbled on a different problem: passing bad checks to his employees. But a lawsuit filing obtained by Defamer alleges that The Situation has a history with this particular... situation.

Sorrentino—along with his brother Marc, and their two companies MPS Entertainment and BTC Middletown—are being sued by the law firm Wolfe Law Miami for "unpaid legal fees, breach of oral agreement, account stated, unjust enrichment and worthless checks." According to the complaint, which you can read below, the Sorrentino brothers "hired WLM"—starting in 2009—"to prosecute a number of lawsuits and to handle a number of business transactions." According to Wolfe Law, there has been one major problem: the Sorrentinos owe the firm a shit ton of money for those services.

Per the complaint, Wolfe Law is asking the Sorrentinos to pay them $29,175.20. Wolfe Law says that the Sorrentinos attempted to repay at least part of the balance, but the checks cut by the brothers a few months ago never cleared. Here is the section of the lawsuit that corresponds to a $2,000 check written by The Situation, under the title "COUNT IV - WORTHLESS CHECKS V. MICHAEL SORRENTINO."

In addition to the $29,175.20, Wolfe Law is asking for an extra $12,000. In the final paragraph of the above passage, the firm asks for the $2,000 from Sorrentino plus "treble damages." Treble damages is a statute that allows a judge to award a sum of triple the actual damages—thus, Wolfe is asking for $6,000 for each of the $2,000 checks bounced by the Sorrentino brothers.

Attorney Richard Wolfe told Defamer that his firm has already served both of the businesses and is actively attempting to serve the brothers individually. When asked for comment, Wolfe noted that "it's never smart to bounce a check to your own lawyer." A rep for The Situation told Defamer that "the matter is being resolved and the amount is being disputed." Wolfe's complaint alleges that the Sorrentinos never disputed the balance.

We'll soon find out if the Sorrentinos' short history of bouncing checks is because of incompetence or brokeness, but if it's the latter I can at least rest easy knowing I made my contribution.

Wolfe Law Miami v. The Situation

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