As of this writing, the profile picture on professional actor Will Smith’s Facebook page has one and a half million likes. It is a black and white photograph of the actor’s face obscured partially by a blurred, spread-fingered hand. It is cropped to the incorrect proportions for Facebook, where the professional actor has categorized himself as a Musician/Band. If you are in need of a deep happy sob, go to this page—it am legend.

We are all familiar with the social media antics of professional actor / Musican / Band Vin Diesel, who loves a good meme almost as much as he loves an inspirational one. We also are well aware of the happiness quotas Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set on meeting by sharing his beatific mug in images worldwide. But what have we lost in dedicating so much time to these two baldheaded buddies? What could we find on the Facebook page of professional actor / Musician / Band Will Smith (which is apparently updated by Will Smith himself)? Oh, you know, a thing or two or three, such as this:

I got board and put a Popsicle stick under Jada’s strap. I wonder how long before she notices.

Do we think she noticed?

She Noticed

Will Smith is very much a dad on Facebook—a joyous fact that it seems he, at times, cannot even believe. In photo after photo, he reminds us that he is the father of three wonderful children. His kids!!!! He loves ‘em!!! His family—he loves ‘em!!!!! Where would he be without them???

Family night out to celebrate Jada. My girls rock!!!

Trey is 22 years old today. WOW . I have a 22 year old. Happy Birthday T-Ball!

Jaden is 16 years old today!!! WOW!

WOW is right!

The opening bars of “Just the Two of Us” Will hums, as he looks at Jaden. The opening bars of “Just the Two of Us” Will hums, as he looks at Trey. The opening bars of “Just the Two of Us” Will hums, as he looks at Willow. The opening bars of “Just the Two of Us” Will hums, as he looks at a Popsicle stick lodged under a bra strap.

But in addition to being a down-home dad, professional Musician/Band Will Smith is also a man of the world; a man who—even at 46 years young—is still sent nearly to pieces by the wonders around him. His curiosity is boundless. His happiness is endless. He’s just a bad boy who was made in America!

Selfie with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I am Anthony Bourdain!!

I am Lovin’ Argentina!! Went to my first Polo match. It was kinda like... Soccer... Meets Golf... On a Horse! :)

I Loved it!

And yet, as we all know, Will Smith’s true passion is the acting profession. What’s a man to do when there are no movies being made? During a Will Smith summer blockbuster drought in 2009, Will Smith made dis:

[There was a video here]

Happy 4th of July from Willard (real name).

To check out more of dis stuff Will Smith made, please, please, please visit his Facebook page. Post your best finds in the comments.

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