If you're bemoaning the lack of edginess on network TV, don't just blame absent development execs.

Behind every suit is a group of people with a far more entertaining job than, say, developing quality programming: the fine folks in the broadcast standards and practices department. BS & P execs work at networks and pore over scripts of every show before they shoot, to ensure nothing sneaks into a script that shouldn't be there: curse words, boobies and wieners, unintentional advertising plugs, and so on.

It can sometimes be a bit of a killjoy job to be the person who has to tell the Friends producers, no, Ross cannot use maxi pads as arch supports on a show that airs at 8:00 PM on a Thursday, but as this memo from Fox's BS & P to The Mindy Project showrunner Matt Warburton shows, maybe our friends over at BS & P are the funniest people of all.

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[Image via Getty, Matt Warburton Twitter]