While it's no surprise that Disney's Saving Mr. Banks would ultimately portray a rather rosy view of P.L. Travers (the cantankerous author of beloved children's book-turned-movie Mary Poppins), they seem to have omitted a most crucial fact: Travers was a terrifying psycho who split up her adopted children.

Per Vulture, who posted some juicy tidbits that Saving Mr. Banks graciously omitted from Travers' life story (and god bless, because those trailers alone sure don't paint her as a bucket of kittens), Travers adopted a son named Camillus when he was a mere six months old, from Joseph Hone, the first biographer of writer W.B. Yeats. Small fact she forgot to mention to Camillus: he had a twin brother, whom she did not adopt. Oh, and according to The Daily Mail, she chose Camillus over brother Anthony thanks to some dumb old tarot cards.

As fate and made-for-Lifetime movies would have it, Anthony bumped into Camillus after getting properly plastered at a pub across the street from Camillus' home when the boys were 17. According to journalist Lynne Kelleher, Travers had lied to Camillus not only about Anthony's existence, but also told him that his father had died in the tropics, when in fact, Hone was alive until just a short time before Camillus discovered he had a whole secret family his supposedly wonderful mommie dearest had hid from him for almost two decades.

And you thought your family was fucked up.