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While doing that thing where people come out and talk about nominees for Best Picture (in this case: Whiplash, The Imitation Game, and Selma), Terrence Howard almost started crying. When he did this, I thought he was leading into an introduction of the notoriously snubbed Civil Rights drama Selma. He was not leading into that, but into The Imitation Game, the Alan Turing biopic. OK, then. I guess he really likes Alan Turing?

"I'm blown away right now, myself," he said while tearing up, thinking about the Oscarbait. I think we all are.

Howard also paused awkwardly when he described Whiplash as "a thrilling symphony that's both...it's mindblowing." He knocked into the mic stand a few times, per the amplified muffled knocking that sounded during an audience reaction shot.

Oprah seemed worried.