Peach sparkling wine saleswoman Teresa Giudice surrendered to the law this morning, entering the Danbury Correctional Facility in Connecticut at 3 a.m. to serve a 15-month sentence for bankruptcy fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, and failure to pay taxes. She leaves behind four beautiful dooders and her reality TV career (for now).

According to Tre's former crisis manager, Wendy Feldman, the reality of the situation has yet to hit her—even now, as she presumably squats and coughs in the nude to show guards she is not carrying any contraband. "I think Teresa is the most unique person I've ever worked with," Feldman tells the Daily Mail. "So many of my clients have had a difficult nature. But she's the only one I've been unable to get through to—and she's the one I tried the hardest with."

In the weeks leading up to today, Teresa filmed YouTube videos about pizzelle cookies and her New Year's resolution (stop eating bad carbs).

The question on all our minds now is, of course, what job will Teresa be forced to do in jail? Feldman explains on her blog, "The first week is Admissions and orientation and a job is given. You do NOT get to decide unless you have a college degree and can be useful teaching. Teresa does not. So likely jobs will be dishes, bathrooms etc... Factory jobs are rare."

Right, so. Dishes, bathrooms... something like that. Most importantly, Tre will not be allowed to keep her hair extensions attached to her head after today.

On her last day of freedom, Teresa and her family attended church services in New Jersey, and her oldest child, Gia, seems to be doing well. She is set to participate in her own reality show about her newly-formed pop group while her mother does time.