Taylor Swift haunts her friends, constructing dioramas of their lives in the rooms of her apartment. Taylor Swift haunts her fans, drawing them to her home and then peering at them secretly from inside her bathroom. Taylor Swift haunts the internet, pre-registering insane URLs nobody understands. And in the video for her new single "Style," she haunts a poor actor who probably thought he was signing up to kiss Taylor Swift or something.

"Style" is not a song about ghosts, but the video argues: maybe it is? What else is she telling us with these images?

Taylor Swift with a massive hole in her head:

Taylor Swift so translucent that you can see a spooky forest through her skin:

Taylor Swift standing in that spooky forest in a pristine white dress looking like someone trying not to look like someone who is about to swing an axe through your skull:

Taylor Swift appearing as an unfocused projection in her man's bedroom:

Taylor Swift's cold eyes staring back at you from beneath a pond:

Taylor Swift's blood red pin-up girl lips manifesting on a shard of a broken mirror:

Taylor Swift just generally appearing in mirrors when you would not be expecting it:

Taylor Swift's disembodied hand preparing to have sex with a man:

And finally, Taylor Swift luring her beau to the forest for murder. See you in heaven, babe.

Pharrell foresaw all of this.