To amuse her friend Abigail on the anniversary of her birth, Taylor Swift imported apparent novelty human and perennially brokenhearted high school loneliness oracle Chris Carrabba, of Dashboard Confessional, to sing. Sing!

Taylor Swift documented the event in a series of three Instagram videos, posted to the app yesterday. In the first she explains, of Abigail, "Her favorite all time band in high school—and still—is Dashboard Confessional."

Nice save, Taylor Swift.

"I'm just asking a random question, do we have anyone here named Chris Carrabba?" she asks in the second video. "IS THERE A CHRIS CARRABBA IN THE HAAA-OUSE?! YAAAAAAA!" she screams, as a defeated Chris Carrabba finally emerges from the roaring crowd.

In the final video, Carrabba acquiesces and performs his 2003 hit "Hands Down" while Taylor Swift, Abigail, and the woman from Paramore scream the words with him, often looking straight ahead.

The Birthday of the Infanta.

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