Jennifer Aniston Is Like a Sweet Grandmother to Selena Gomez

Allie Jones · 06/23/15 03:35PM

Jennifer Aniston—who is still engaged, yes, but not pregnant, no (thank you for asking; it’s fine)—has a lot of friends. Friends who get Oscar nominations; friends who are her hairstylists; friends who proposed to her over two years ago but don’t seem to want to set a date; friends who were on Friends; friends who are so much younger than her it’s insane. One of those friends recently spoke to a radio station about her relationship with Jen.

Grown Man/DJ Diplo Is Majorly Fucking Up the Affairs of Selena Gomez 

Allie Jones · 02/05/15 09:00AM

The young woman whom Drama follows, Selena Gomez, could come bear the wrath of her longtime BFF Taylor Swift soon, thanks to the 36-year-old DJ known as Diplo. Why? Because Diplo, an adult who enjoys and produces electronic music, apparently also likes meddling in the tender, romantic affairs of America's young people.

Is Selena Gomez Banging This Guy She FaceTimes in Bed? 

Allie Jones · 01/21/15 03:10PM

No stranger to Drama, Selena Gomez has once again found herself embroiled in a love triangle of her own making. After attending the Golden Globes last weekend, she was spotted holding hands with a man who is not on-again-off-again boyfriend Jersten Beibler, but rather the DJ and producer "Zedd." People now has a question for each and every one of us: "Are Selena Gomez & Zedd More Than Friends?"

How Is Justin Bieber Dating So Many Girls in Paris

Allie Jones · 10/06/14 03:22PM

In the love rhombus that is Justin Bieber's life, there are many brown-haired players. Last night, piss baby Bieber Instagrammed and then deleted a pic of his on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez. Is he just trying to get her back after maybe hooking up with a Kardashian and a French lady in Paris?

Justin Bieber Maybe Texts Dick Pics While Hiding Weed in Cookie Jars

Lacey Donohue · 01/20/14 12:24PM

A tiny dick-grabbing, sizzurp-guzzling menace is on the loose, egging neighbors, drinking drank, and texting cock. This person may or may not be Justin Bieber, but based on reports from law enforcement and leaked text messages, this person sounds an awful lot like Justin Bieber.