Pirated Copy of Ellen Degeneres' Walter Mitty Screener Leaked Online

Lacey Donohue · 01/10/14 04:42PM

Ellen Degeneres, or someone close to Degeneres or The Ellen Degeneres Show, broke the number one rule of screener season: only let screeners be borrowed by close friends, their friends, and then maybe their friends, but whatever you do, don't let them get into the hands of strangers who will upload them to the internet.

Captain Phillips Is a Lie: Real Captain Is No Hero, According To Crew

Beejoli Shah · 10/14/13 03:39PM

Despite opening to a strong $26 million this weekend, the Tom Hanks starrer Captain Phillips has found itself in hot water: The real crew from the Maersk Alabama that was taken by Somali pirates state that the film account of their hijacking was less based on a true story and far more an account of revisionist historical fiction.