500 Days of Kristin, Day 162: Kristin Shops at HomeGoods® [PHOTOS]

Allie Jones · 07/06/15 03:53PM

One year ago this month, Kristin Cavallari went shopping. I mean, of course she did, but I know for a fact she went shopping at a certain bargain home furnishings chain store in Los Angeles because there are many, many, many meticulously staged paparazzi photos of this shopping excursion available for purchase and publication online.

Lacey Donohue · 01/20/14 04:50PM

[Taylor Swift—the love of no one's life—left a gym in Los Angeles on Monday wearing some sort of "Great Catsby" sweatshirt. If you want to look equally ridiculous post-workout, you can buy your own at Bloomingdales for $108. Image via Wenn]

The Unofficial Glossary For Paparazzi Gang-Bangers

American Ex-Pap · 06/28/13 08:00AM

Dispatches from the Hated will be a recurring feature penned by a person who worked the paparazzi beat for three years. We'll call him American Ex-Pap so they remain anonymous.