Michael Jackson's Corpse Has Made $2 Billion 

Jordan Sargent · 06/25/15 03:50PM

Michael Jackson died six years ago today. In the 2,191 days since he overdosed on medicine administered to him by his weird and gross personal doctor Conrad Murray, Jackson has, in death, generated an almost unimaginable amount of money for various corporations, creditors and his reptile-loving children.

Ultra-Millionaire Les Moonves Won't Tip Valet Because He Only Has $100's

Sam Biddle · 06/01/15 10:39AM

CBS President and CEO Les Moonves, the man responsible for putting “The Big Bang Theory” inside your home where children can see it, is the highest-paid executive in television. He also recently refused to tip this parking valet because he only had large bills.

Taylor Swift Has No Concept of Money

Andy Cush · 03/02/15 12:10PM

On July 7, 2014 an international newspaper granted one fitfully lifelike automaton, model no. "TAYLOR SWIFT," a public forum to deduce her way to a rudimentary theory of "money."