Fox Is Putting The Mindy Project And Dads On Hiatus

Beejoli Shah · 11/21/13 08:56PM

After weak starts, Deadline reports that half of Fox's Tuesday night comedy block have been put on hiatus. Due to low ratings, The Mindy Project and Dads will be bumped to make room for steady performer Glee. Tuesday night's will now be Glee in the first hour, followed by New Girl and freshman comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Beejoli Shah · 10/11/13 05:10PM

Fox, showing a commitment to both casual racism and subpar attempts at humor, has ordered six more episodes of Dads. Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi will continue to play caricatures of Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi trapped in awful roles.

Showdowns: FOX Comedies Brooklyn Nine-Nine vs. Dads

Beejoli Shah & Rich Juzwiak · 10/02/13 03:22PM

Which overhyped show should you watch? In Showdowns, Defamer's Beejoli Shah and Gawker's Rich Juzwiak tackle the tough issues: Which show each night this week sucks the least during the premiere season of this "Golden Age of Television."

Breakdowns: Spike Lee Took All Your Money For No Reason Whatsoever

Beejoli Shah · 09/18/13 09:00AM

Generation Y is the reason Jack Nicholson can't have nice things. The Dads creators defend racism because upsetting entire ethnic groups is super LOLs y'all! And Spike Lee keeps raking in grants even though he has begged us all for millions.

Joss Whedon Is Last-Minute Rewriting S.H.I.E.L.D. and Other TV Gossip

Beejoli Shah · 09/10/13 12:01PM

September is upon us, and that can only mean one thing: You can stop pretending you know what people mean when they say "If Chip Kelly's offense stays healthy, Shady is going to be explosive this season!" and go back to talking about God's work—network television. To help you avoid embarrassing yourself at the office Keurig predicting the season's first cancellation—you need a better answer than Dads, it's not June anymore, c'mon—here are some of the best and juiciest rumors we've been hearing: