Last night outside Supperclub in Los Angeles, the rappers T.I. and The Game had a fairly intense standoff with the LAPD after a few of their friends were badly beaten by club security. The only thing that prevented a brawl might have been the prying eyes of TMZ.

According to TMZ, mutual acquaintances of T.I. and The Game were bloodied in a fight with Supperclub security after being denied entry to the club. At some point, the LAPD appeared and lined up against the rappers and their crew. The cops were outnumbered and being provoked, and it's quite possible that a fight would have broken out had it not been for the bystanders holding up cameras and shouting "TMZ! TMZ!"

The cops might—might!—have decided to be levelheaded and rational, or they were spooked out of escalating a situation at the simple mention of the website that took down the owner of an NBA team. Sometimes TMZ does good.

[via TMZ]