Did you hear? Lohan Lohan was recently diagnosed with the incurable mosquito virus Chikungunya in Bora Bora. She was hospitalized in London this week with a "high fever" and "joint pain," and it was all very hectic, which means Lindsay has not completed her court-ordered community service hours due next week, TMZ reports.

According to TMZ, this will be the second time Lindsay failed to complete her prescribed 240 hours of community service stemming from a 2012 reckless driving case. A judge already granted her one extension back in November; at that time, Lindsay had completed less than half her court-ordered hours. Today, TMZ says, Lindz "isn't even close to finishing." If she doesn't meet her deadline—and it sounds like she won't—the judge could send her to jail.

What will save poor Lindsay from this cruel fate? Possibly the crueler fate of Chikungunya. TMZ reports that Lindsay's lawyer will use her diagnosis as her defense in court for not finishing the hours. Only the angel-winged mosquitos can save her now.

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