Keanu Reeves found a strange woman in his library at 4a.m., but don't worry, it's chill.

TMZ reports Keanu "Mr. The Matrix" Reeves was asleep in his, one has to assume, very nice home in Los Angeles on Monday when he was awoken by sounds coming from his library. What was it? A ghost? Some sort of, I don't know, ghost or something? Nope! It was a living woman in her mid-40s, sitting quietly in a chair. From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Keanu calmly approached her and began speaking to her. She explained she was there to meet him. He very calmly called 911 and obtusely told the dispatcher cops needed to roll quick.

"Hello, ghost. What are you doing in my home?"

Police reportedly arrived quickly and took the woman (ghost?) into custody, and she was given a psych evaluation.

[image via Getty]