For those of you planning on taking everything you've ever seen on television to the grave, listen up: A new study from the spoiler scientists at TiVo reveals that most people think you can relax!

Deadline reports that in a survey conducted by TiVo last month, the majority of people—27.7 percent—believe you only have to wait a day before talking about how [spoiler] [spoilered] on [whatever]. 22.7 percent think you should wait even longer than a day, while 22.5 percent say less than a day, and 12.6 say spoilers are fair immediately after the show airs. (16.6 percent said they "don't care," which seems rude.)

But television shows aren't the most problematic, when it comes to spoilers. Sports are! (Spoiler, sorry!) From Deadline:

More than 78% told TiVo that they've had a movie, TV show or sports game spoiled at some point, with 36% specifically citing TV. Disclosure of a major show plot point was the most commonly cited problem, by 64%. Yet the revelations most frequently deemed the "worst" (by nearly 23%) are final results from a sports game that people planned to watch.

So. Don't spoil sports? I don't know. Bury yourself in the dirt and take a nap!

[image via Shutterstock]