Michael Scott is taking a page out of the Mose Schrute playbook, and will be bringing a cop comedy he wrote with his wife Nancy to TBS. Vulture reports that the network just ordered Tribeca to pilot—a half-hour procedural cop comedy not entirely dissimilar from part-time beet loving The Office star Mike Schur's Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Tribeca, despite the name, will be set in Los Angeles at the Really Heinous Crimes Unit (RHCU), and will follow Detective Angie Tribeca, who I can only hope will be played by Christopher Meloni in a mildly convincing Marisk Hargitay wig.

The pilot order for the show also furthers TBS' commitment to working with male comedians and actors (somewhat fitting, since the network's biggest ratings earner is Major League Baseball). Aside from standup based shows Sullivan and Son, Conan, and Pete Holmes, the network is currently airing Men At Work—a half hour comedy created by miniature dreamboat Breckin Meyer, and written on by former Gawker dreamboat Neel Shah (we can only hope an upcoming episode features Shah's tale of the greatest prank ever.)