Twilight Saga perpetrator Stephenie Meyer has been working for a few years on Midnight Sun, a novel that retells the first Twilight book from the point of view of the creepy 100-year-old vampire who’s obsessed with a teenage girl for some reason. Twilight fans are fiending for the new book, but Meyer says it will never be released—especially now that Grey has ripped off her entire premise. She seems a little pissed?

After spinning off from Twilight fanfiction into a major motion picture that no one was really happy with, E.L. James’ Christian Grey franchise had to go and bite Meyer’s Midnight Sun perspective-swap idea, too. James’ new book, Grey, is told from Team Edward’s—excuse me, Christian Grey’s—perspective.

And Meyer is not dumb. Midnight Sun leaked back in 2008, and she released several unfinished chapters in response, so the change of narrative was by no means a secret.

When she found out about Grey, “It was a literal flip the table moment for me,” Meyer said at a New York Comic-Con panel.

But maybe she’s just mad because Grey stole the spotlight from the actual new Twilight book she released this year, Life and Death, which flips Edward and Bella’s genders entirely instead of just changing narrators.

“What do you think was the top story on Yahoo the next morning?” Meyer complained, “Grey.”

Fucking Grey.

[h/t ONTD, Photo: AP Images]