Mistakes happen. In the age of the internet, these mistakes can live on a lot longer than normal, but regardless, the proper way to deal with them is almost always a gracious apology, a swift repair or repayment caused by damages, and a healthy dose of contrition. That's the best way. Then there's the Spike Lee way.

Elderly couple Elaine and David McClain are currently suing the Do The Right Thing director for a paltry $15,000 in damages, due to Lee tweeting out their address as George Zimmerman's, back in 2012. Lee apologized to the couple immediately after his misguided tweet and paid them a $10,000 settlement, but a year and a half later, the hate mail and death threats continue to pour in for the McClain's, as people are still retweeting Lee's comments.

Lee's response to the couple's lawsuit? A motion for dismissal, on grounds that the continued harassment was "foreseeable." While one could argue that Lee already settled with the couple once, the amount that they're requesting is minimal, especially given the reignited wave of backlash in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict this summer. While there is a chance that this is some sort of scheme concocted by a pair of opportunistic baby boomers, its far more likely that no one, least of all the elderly McClains, could have predicted just how long that tweet would live on in infamy.

Given that Lee just appeared on Oprah's Next Chapter, vowing not to discuss his self-labelled "stupid" actions so as not to accidentally appear as if he was defending them, this is an oddly aggressive move. $25,000 is not a lot of money to Lee. As his Kickstarter proves, his two courtside seats at Madison Square Garden are worth $10,000 a game. But hey, why appropriately compensate the nice couple whose lives you ruined, when you could watch the New York Knicks go 3-4 in their new season instead?