Marvel announced today that 19-year-old boy actor Tom Holland will play Spider-Man, a role previously inhabited by men, as the name suggests, in 2017’s installment of the Spider-Man franchise. What is wrong with Hollywood?

As audiences there are some things we simply should not put up with. A boy as a man? Please. Here is what Tom Holland looked like just five years ago, according to his outdated Wikipedia page that you’d think would have been updated ahead of such an announcement:

That’s no Spider-Man. Here is another photograph of Tom Holland from his outdated Wikipedia page—which claims he is “best known for playing the title role in Billy Elliot the Musical at the Victoria Palace Theatre, London”—celebrating the 5th anniversary of Billy Elliot the Musical:

A sweet boy, yes—but a man? A Spider-Man?

Here is a Spider-Man:

Tell me: Does that look like a boy to you?


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