Everyone in Hollywood hates Nikki Finke, the legendary and unpredictable gossip blogger who's dedicated a career to making enemies and hurling insults. But for top Sony boss Amy Pascal, the beef is personal: Her husband and Finke were pals—until Finke took it too far.

Emails leaked by unidentified hackers and obtained by Gawker show the personal side of Sony's distaste for Finke—a reclusive woman who defends her privacy as much she undermines Hollywood's—and her vitriolic showbiz blogging.

Finke and Pascal's husband, former New York Times reporter (turned playwright) Bernard Weinraub, have been besties for many years now. In May of this year, Weinraub even tasked his son, Anthony, with helping Nikki select air travel. It's a little weird!

On May 23, 2014, at 7:10 PM, Anthony W <[REDACTED]> wrote:

Hi Nikki!

My dad emailed me earlier saying that you wanted some information on your flight to London! Here is that information.


Finke had very specific requests:

A long discourse on luxury airlines follows. Finke and Young Weinraub exchange info and pleasantries—and then Pascal's husband forwards the whole exchange to friends, including producer Donald De Line and Times columnist Maureen Dowd:

Pascal and Finke seemed close enough, despite the backroom mockery—at one point Pascal provides movie screeners for Finke after another Sony exec turns her down.

But it all went sour this July, when Finke published a blockbuster blog post on internal troubles at Sony Pictures and Pascal went ballistic (Finke's post has since been taken down; click the image below to expand):

According to a final email, this marks the end of the Pascal-Weintraub-Finke connection: Bernie assures his wife that Nikki is "out of my life."

Never befriend bloggers.