There is new Usher news and new sex tape news: TMZ is reporting that there is an Usher sex tape, showing the singer and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond, and that it is being shopped around by a mysterious figure.

According to TMZ, the alleged sex tape was acquired in 2010 when Usher's car was broken into in Atlanta. The thieves relieved Usher of jewelry, as well as two laptops and two video cameras, one of which presumably contained the sex tape.

TMZ says that the tape was being shopped around shortly thereafter, but because of the legal ramifications no one purchased it. It is now reportedly making the rounds again, though this time TMZ says the seller is targeting blogs instead of large porn distributors.

If you're the person with the Usher sex tape—or if you know the person with the Usher sex tape—we'd love to chat. You can leave a comment below or email me at or, confidentiality guaranteed. This is Usher's new single. It's good.

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