Bad news: British banjo players Mumford & Sons are riiiiiich. You probably knew this intuitively, but it’s nice—or the opposite of nice?—to be reminded of how much money some people have, compared to the rest of the people. Look at this fool’s apartment.

The home you see below (via the real estate blog 6sqft) is in New York’s “Nolita” neighborhood (named after it famously banned Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita from its streets). It belongs to Winston Marshall, a Mumford who, it turns out, isn’t even a Mumford at all. He plays banjo.

The apartment has wood floors and large windows. Better than large floors and wood windows. Though it also has large floors:

Here is the kitchen, from which Marshall will serve Nolita’s finest authentic cuisine (pizza that costs $25):

I have literally no idea what this photo is showing:

The bedroom has a bed and two chairs: one for Marshall, and one for his life partner, which is a banjo. They can sit together here as the sun goes down and gaze out onto the side of a building.

Here lies a man who has over three million dollars.

[top image via Getty, apartment images via 6sqft]