Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves recently spoke to /Film about working with actors over Skype for the first time in his career, after realizing late that he wanted something different from a scene with Andy Serkis.

So we did a thing where Andy was in London and he was at [his performance capture studio] the Imaginarium. And we hooked up via Skype and I looked at a big plasma and I talked him through what was going on in that last sequence as he's coming down those steps. And we basically did it over Skype.

That wasn't the only time he Skype'd it in—Reeves also spoke about a Skype session, done to re-film scenes they'd already shot, during which his actors were in different countries:

And so Jason Clarke was in Rome shooting this Everest movie and he was in a hotel room after a day’s shooting. And we were on the Volume [in Manhattan Beach California] and he was performing the new version of the scene to Andy who was in a fluorescent room and he was on Skype. And they played off of Skype and then a few weeks later I went back and shot, I got Jason here in L.A. and I shot him and Keri Russell against greenscreen. And then I had Andy over Skype and they played to Andy on Skype.

He closes the interview by saying he's not sure if he's the first one to direct over Skype, but that he'd be fine taking the credit. Your aunt added, "Happy Thanksgiving, honey! Honey? Hold on let me move the computer. Honey? I don't see you!"

[image via 20th Century Fox]