Weddings are obligation-driven events at which you are rewarded for travel and countless expenses with chicken, bad wine, and smalltalk with Lisa Vanderpump (in this case). A bother, but we have to do it—especially if, for many years, we were in a very successful boy band with the groom.

That is, apparently, unless you're Justin Timberlake. Mr. Important, over here. Mr. The Rules Don't Apply. Mr. Jeeesssicaaa Biieeeel.

Page Six reports Lance Bass's wedding to Michael Turchin—which, like all good ceremonies, was filmed for an E! special—will serve as somewhat of an NSYNC reunion. Something like NSYNC: Just the :-/ Parts. NYSYNC: Ah, No, Not Him. NYSYNC: Everyone Else:

Joey Fatone was the ring bearer, Chris Kirkpatrick also attended, and JC Chasez sang as Bass and Turchin had their first dance.

A source told us, "The only band member missing was Justin Timberlake."

Forgive the clichéd joke and do know that this is a sincere request: Please put "Joey Fatone was the ring bearer." on my tombstone. Joey Fatone was the ring bearer. My, what a beautiful work. "Joey Fatone was the ring bearer." The source also added:

"Real Housewife' Lisa Vanderpump was a bridesmaid, but brought her dog along and was overheard complaining about her ridiculous mermaid-style green dress".


Congratulations to the happy couple.

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