SNL quickly releases host announcements to refute lack of diversity claims; Charlie Hunnam seemingly overstepped his boundaries before departing 50 Shades; Alexis Bledel is trying to play half her age in a new movie; and India has a new superhero, thanks to Marvel.

  • On the heels of backlash over their lack of diversity, as well as Kenan Thompson's unfortunate comments regarding black female talent, Saturday Night Live conveniently announced today that Kerry Washington will be hosting the November 2nd episode. [Deadline]
  • Apparently Charlie Hunnam decided to leave 50 Shades Of Grey not just over cold feet from the media circus, but because his very exhaustive script notes made the producers grow tiresome of him in the weeks leading up to shooting. [THR]
  • Violet and Daisy, one of James Gandolfini's last films, was just bought by Northwest Pictures, but the bigger takeaway here is that 32-year old Alexis Bledel will be playing a teenager alongside 19-year old Saoirse Ronan. Does Alexis just never age? [THR]
  • Marvel's first ever Indian superhero movie, Chakra: The Invincible through Turner International's Cartoon Network this November. The countdown to when BuzzFeed's resident Indian listicle creator Rega Jha is forced to come up with 27 gifs to describe her glee begins in 3...2... [THR]

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