The music video for Australian singer-songwriter Sia's single "Elastic Heart" has just been released and features star performances from famous Australian dancers Shia LaBeouf and one of the Dance Moms girls (fan favorite Maddie). Shia plays 12-year-old Maddie's father, pet, or love interest, depending on your interpretation of the wild, nearly-nude cage dance the two perform for five mesmerizing minutes.

With the intentions and vision of Sia left unknown, we can only guess as to what this dance is meant to portray. The major plot points are as follows.

Maddie (in wig) and Shia (in filthy underpants) begin their dance with individual displays of strength. She performs the perfect heel stretch rendered involuntary by Abby Lee Miller; he stands up very straight.

At first, slight Maddie appears to have the physical advantage over Shia.

But then he scales the cage and performs one Presidential Health Fitness Platinum Award-level pull-up.

The two study one another horizontally.

And Maddie teethes violently.

Finally, Maddie strikes Shia's face three times with her fist, each blow revealing a distinct, terrifying expression on his bearded, glistening face.

A beautiful, inscrutable story made more impenetrable by dance. Congratulations to Maddie, whose entire 11-and-a-half year career has been leading up to this moment.