Some real estate listings are good, some are bad. Some tell the truth, some lie. Some don't have dicks in them, others do. None of them are perfect, except this one-photo listing for the L.A. compound Sheryl Crow just sold for $11 million.

Here is the listing on for Crow's old home at 1900 North Vista St. in L.A.:

That's it! That's the entire listing, at least in terms of photos. 1 of 1. "Honey, this pool is worth $11 million on its own. Have a good day! Xoxo Sheryl :-)"

And, well, I don't disagree. I don't have $11 million of my own to spend, but if I did, and I was in the market for a house (pool), this is exactly the type of house (pool) I'd be looking for. Though many residential pools in L.A. might push the form forward through idiosyncratic architecture, the pool at Sheryl Crow's old home makes an argument for merely augmenting simplicity with tasteful accents of modernism (in this case, a functional but not showy infinity design and sleek tiled steps that tie together the patio's southeast Asian resort motif).

Here is another angle of the pool, via Business Insider:

This is just a great pool. If you would like to swim laps, you can do that, but if you would like to simply float around and stare at Los Angeles you can do that as well without feeling boxed in or having to worry about some dumb waterfall or a kid dive-bombing you from a water slide built into a bad rock structure.

Crow's house originally went on the market for $16 million in 2012, and was then lowered to $12 million earlier this year before recently selling at a hair over $11 million. The interior of the house, frankly, is kind of a snooze.

Yawn. How many homes in L.A. look like that? Probably 11 million. Some changes will need to be made, certainly.

But still, whoever bought Sheryl Crow's $11 million house (pool)—and, just to be totally clear here, it wasn't me—got themselves a pretty good deal on a house (pool). That person should be very proud of themselves, and I'm sure they are.

Sheryl, I hope a better pool awaits you. It's the least you deserve after dating Lance Armstrong.

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