Shannen Doherty, actor who hates limos because they are embarrassing and grotesque, appeared on The Meredith Vieira Show on Tuesday and spoke at length about her (former) feud partner Tori Spelling. "I only wish Tori well," she said.

Doherty, who worked on 90210 with both Tori Spelling and Jason Priestley (actor who has brain damage which caused him to misremember Shannen Doherty's feelings re: limos in his 2014 memoir), spoke about Spelling's reality show True Tori, a show we have no choice but to believe exists:

"Putting it out there must be cathartic for her. It's her way of dealing with it, maybe that's her form of therapy. ...

The show I get uncomfortable at times watching it because I know her. I kind of want to go, 'No, no, no, no.' But, who are we to judge anybody's life and what they're going through sand how they handle it? We all stumble and we all make mistakes and we all have our own process."

"I think there is something very, for me, my heart breaks a little bit for her," she added. "I only wish Tori well and a happy life and happy marriage. She's got beautiful children."

Jason Priestley, please—we are begging you. Please let us know you have at least scheduled a doctor's appointment. We are all worried.

[h/t UsMagazine]