John Stamos: Full House actor, yogurt commercial advice giver? Yes.

Would you like to know John Stamos's sex advice? Why not. He's sort of a famous person, for one, and we're all here, what else are we doing, for two. First, via Page Six, he'd like to let you know what you should not do if you are a woman having sex with him:

"A couple of women have wanted 'selfies' afterwards. ... One girl really wanted my shirt, like a souvenir."

Or, I suppose, not necessarily something you should explicitly not do as much as something a couple women have done. Maybe you can get away with asking for a selfie after having sex with John Stamos. I say, if you have sex with John Stamos and want a selfie after, either:

  1. Just ask for it—seems like he might do it.
  2. Take it discreetly.

Stamos's actual advice draws heavily on his time spent as Jesse and the Rippers bandleader:

"It's about listening, asking, talking . . . I guess I do approach sex in a musical way. With me, it's more rhythm than melody with a woman . . . but it's all listening . . . With women, you have to listen to their bodies."

It's about listening to a woman's body, more rhythm than melody.


Now we both know John Stamos's sex advice.

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