Matthew Barney, the ex-partner of musical goddess Björk, sued the artist in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Wednesday for more “equitable custody” of their 12-year-old daughter Isadora. Barney claims that Björk is hogging the child, who would really like to spend more time with her dad.

The pair split in 2013, after which Björk penned what some might call a “diss track” about Barney’s role in dissolving their family structure. “Family was always our sacred mutual mission / Which you abandoned,” she sings on “Black Lake” from her new album Vulnicura. Sounds like Barney is determined to prove that he hasn’t abandoned shit. From the lawsuit, via Page Six:

Bjork, 49, “is effectively sacrificing Doa’s emotional well-being in favor of her own selfish desires,” blasts Barney, 48, using the daughter’s nickname. Bjork’s “self-focused mindset . . . flows, in part, from her belief that as Doa’s mother, she has far greater rights than I do as Doa’s father; and, in part, from her insistence that I am solely to blame for the breakdown of our relationship and the end of our intact family,” the lawsuit says.

The couple had been together for thirteen years, and we now hear that Matthew Barney is dating Sheryl Crow in what might be his greatest act of performance art yet. His last project, 2014's Norman Mailer-inspired "River of Fundament," was described in a review by Hyperallergic as ruthlessly bad:

A macho artist obsessed with sex, shit, and violence has made a six-hour film adaptation of a macho writer's (also really into sex and violence, shit maybe a little less) 700-page novel, and no one knows what either of them is about. Lucky us.

Barney claims that Isadora has said herself that she’d like more time with her father, though this probably could have been handled out of court:

Equal time with mom and dad “is something which Doa — an articulate, intelligent 12-year-old girl — has stated, on her own initiative, that she wants,” Barney argues.

“As such, the needs and desires of the child are being given lower priority because of [Bjork’s] insistence upon having a greater amount of time with the child.”

Anyway, at least Matthew Barney was given his own museum show in Los Angeles, a perfectly timed companion to Björk's current exhibit at the MoMA in New York. Maybe that will keep him busy.

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