Ryan Gosling, actor who isn't even married to Eva Mendes yet so technically—you know, obviously who knows, but it's just, technically you guys could still date, reportedly wept at the sight of his newborn baby girl. Why? Has Ryan Gosling never seen a baby before?

E! Online reports Eva Medes gave birth to the couple's beautiful new celebrity on Friday in Los Angeles, and a source says Eva is "happy" to be a mom, adding, "their baby girl is perfect!" But, uh, if their baby girl is so perfect, why did this happen:

"It was very emotional for Eva and Ryan," the insider said of their daughter's birth. "They were both in tears when they saw their daughter for the first time!"

Hmm. Something's not adding up here. Allegedly crying after having sex with a curvy blonde is one thing, but crying after looking at a baby? Just some normal old newborn, with tiny little baby hands and a big baby head?

We may never get an answer from the notoriously private couple, but we can openly wonder: What was Ryan thinking about when he looked at his baby girl for the first time?

[image via Getty]