Remember Ryan, the brooding bad boy with a heart of gold on America's greatest television show, The O.C.? Well, in Elle this month, Ryan revealed that he likes to do sex with "pink fluffy" handcuffs. Aah!

Apparently Ryan was on some other show more recently about cops, so that's how this whole handcuffs thing got started. He explains:

Handcuffs have been brought [to the bedroom]. I didn't have them. They were brought. And that's fun. As long as they're not actual real ones where you can lose the key. You want the obviously not real ones. The pink fluffy ones.

That's what Ryan wants, okay? The pink fluffy ones.

If it were not already abundantly clear, Ryan notes later in the interview that his ex-girlfriends would say he's "great in bed."

California here we come :)

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