After realizing the perils of trying to coax a realistic Caribbean accent out of Cameron Diaz in The Counselor, Ridley Scott has turned his attention to a more hot button issue for an upcoming project: NFL concussions.

Scott, who is currently trying to outshine The Ten Commandments by taking on blockbuster Moses with Christian Bale, has decided his next project will deal with the debilitating effect concussions have on NFL players both in the league, and after they retire. Deadline reports that Scott is already meeting with writers in hopes of getting the project off the ground quickly, so that he can transition from Moses straight to the film.

Scott aims to take a moral look at concussions—not just via the players who are injured by them, but by putting opportunistic team owners under the scrutiny of his lens. And who knows, if Caribbean lilts aren't Diaz's thing, perhaps he can cast her to reprise the role of Any Given Sunday's Christina Pagniacci?