The BBC reports that Ricky Gervais plans to reprise his role as David Brent in a feature film titled Life on the Road, which will be set 15 years after we left him on The Office.

The film, which is set to go into production early next year, will follow Brent as a traveling salesman "financing a UK concert tour in the hopes of fulfilling his dreams of becoming a rock star."

Gervais has returned to the role of David Brent a few times since The Office ended, most recently in a series of YouTube videos titled "Learn Guitar With David Brent." The series led Gervais to take Brent's band, Foregone Conclusion, on the road for a few live performances. From the BBC:

In the new big screen outing, currently in development, Brent assumes the director is making a rockumentary in the vein of Martin Scorsese's film about the Rolling Stones - but it turns into a "where are they now"?

[image via BBC]