Ever imagine what it would be like to win an Oscar? Like, what would you wear? Whom would you thank? And what would the after parties be like with that little gold guy under your arm? Last night's Best Actress and Actor winners Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne probably thought: something nice, my mom, and freakin' sick, respectively, but they forgot to factor in one all-important variable:


Us Weekly reports that at Vanity Fair's star-studded after party last night, nobody cared about Julianne and Eddie at all, because Beyoncé was there. One guest revealed that when Bey and husband Jay Z arrived, "Everybody went nuts! You're not supposed to take pictures of celebs inside but when Beyoncé and Jay Z came, everyone whipped out their phones!"

Did everyone whip out their phones to take photos when Julianne and Eddie got there? It seems like no, they did not.

The source adds that after Beyoncé and Jay Z "caused a scene" with their entrance, they "retired to a booth where they sat, drinking champagne with Jennifer Lopez, Benny Medina, and Kevin Hart."

Did Beyoncé invite Julianne and Eddie to sit at her table and drink champagne? Doesn't look like she did.

The guest summarizes the evening this way: "Julianne Moore, Eddie Redmayne, and John Legend are walking around with their Oscars and all anybody here cares about now is Beyoncé."

Congratulations to all.

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