Jill Duggar, person from Arkansas, and her husband, Derick Dillard, welcomed a baby boi today: Israel David. Jill wore a headband that said "Jill," Derick wore an Israeli Defense Forces T-shirt and the baby wore a onesie that said "Israel." To fit in with his family perhaps Derick should change his name to "Israeli Defense Forces" Dillard. Just a suggestion.

As a rule the Baby Name Critic disapproves of country names. India, China (including alt. spelling Chyna), Canada, and the Philippines are all bad names for a baby, to highlight a few possibilities. Israel, though, wow. Talk about a loaded... diaper of a name. And let's cut to the marrow of the situation at hand here. The Duggars are... not... "Jewish."

Israel is a Jewish state. A nice place, good weather. Just like its neighbor, Palestine, where many Arabs live. One wishes the two would coexist in peace. You may argue that Israel is a holy place for all religions. OK. But it is a Jewish state. And speaking, if the Baby Name Critic might, just for one minute here, for the Jews, we would appreciate if the Duggars didn't align themselves with the chosen people, and stay in Arkansas, and not name their babies Israel. You don't see Jews going around naming their babies YMCA Bible Camp.

How about Derick Jr.?

This has been Baby Name Critic.

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