Her Highness Rachel Bilson of Orange County bore a child last October with her husband, Hayden Christensen. They named her “Briar Rose.” Why?


According to Christensen, it’s a “Disney reference.” He offered this evident explanation in a recent interview with the Hallmark Channel about his upcoming faith-based film 90 Minutes in Heaven. (Kate Bosworth co-stars.) When asked about his daughter’s name—Briar Rose—he said, casually:

There’s a Disney reference there I suppose. The original Sleeping Beauty is called Briar Rose. Rachel...we both love all things Disney, but Rachel especially was very keen on the name.

Bosworth added, “Rachel is such a little Disney princess. I love her.”

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. Princess Rachel. We love her!

It’s all fun and good, per Christensen, who added matter-of-factly, “We have Disney songs playing around the house 24/7.”

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