If you hadn't already, it's time to say goodbye to "Bow Wow," just like we once said goodbye to "Lil Bow Wow." Bow Wow is now just Shad Moss. Update your iPhone contacts accordingly.

The rapper, actor, one-time Ciara boyfriend and current host of 106 & Park announced on Instagram yesterday that he's dropping the big boy version of his cutesy rap moniker in favor of his government name.

ANNOUNCEMENT: After BET awards i will no longer go by Bow Wow! Im going by my real name "Shad Moss" we made alot of history as bow wow. Now its time for the next chapter and challenge. Bow wow does not fit who i am today. Ima father, business man, TV host, Actor, and rapper! Time for MR Moss to take over!

Let's remember some of Bow Wow's best post-Lil Bow Wow moments.

Also, this fake T-Pain song that nobody liked but me.

Now, let us accept the Shad Moss Era.

[image via Getty]