Though rumors are constantly being thrown around of a Friends reunion, and then constantly being shot down by Pheebs, who is too busy playing air piano with Mike, she'd probably be singing a different Smelly Cat-esque tune if she knew that Friends creator Marta Kauffman might be able to stunt cast President Obama after a November 26th fundraising dinner Kauffman is hosting.

Variety reports that Kauffman and husband Michael Skloff will be hosting a small roundtable dinner to raise money for the Democratic National Committee. The dinner was originally planned for September, but delayed due to the ongoing crisis in Syria. For $32,400, you can buy a seat at the table that will hopefully be filled with colorful wooden chairs from Chandler and Monica's apartment. Obama will be shutting down Los Angeles traffic the day prior as well for a bargain $2500 per head reception at Magic and Cookie Johnson's house, followed by a a $16,200 per person dinner at the home of Saban Capital Group's founder, Haim Saban.

While the dinner is mainly just to raise money for the Democratic National Committee, which probably has larger issues to worry about then figuring out whose side Emma took on whole "we were on a break" issue, let's be honest. If Kauffman doesn't use the opportunity to ask if Obama can do a guest spot on a Friends reboot, are we ever really going to be able to cross party lines and fix this nation?