In early May, Robert Pattinson mentioned that he might make a movie with Harmony Korine. Now Indiewire reports that the beautiful little bird's claim is gaining some traction.

Back in May, Pattinson talked about possibly working with Korine before starting production on his upcoming film The Lost City Of Z:

"In the meantime, I might film something with Harmony Korine, with whom I've been dreaming to work since I was 17, like with James Gray. I keep asking him what the film is about but he doesn't want to tell me."

Hmmm! Well, a recent Esquire UK profile states, rather plainly, that Korine is "writing him a gangster movie, set in Miami." Further supporting the idea that Korine is, in fact, writing him a gangster movie set in Miami, is Korine's March 2013 assertion that his next film would be about a southern crime family.

So. What should the title be? Crime Breakers? Crime Humpers? Crimmo? Twilight: Breaking Laws?

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