Mere months after she found your lost $4,700 check , Sarah Jessica Parker, human lost and found for whom shopping is cardio, has found your pay stub. Would you like to know how much you earned and how much was taxed, or should Sarah Jessica Parker just shred this for you?

Her eyes trained to focus primarily on the ground after years of chasing after Mr. Big, that worm, Sarah Jessica Parker scanned a West Village street on Monday morning while walking her daughters to school. There, she spotted your pay stub:

As you can see, she picked it up.

According to Page Six, Sarah Jessica Parker "is looking for an address where she can return the pay stub, in case the owner wants it."

Is this your pay stub? Sir or ma'am: Please come forward. Don't make Sarah Jessica Parker look any harder for your address, and, if possible, do try to stop leaving your stuff littered all over the street, like Big left the pieces of Carrie's heart littered all over Manhattan. Like Carrie couldn't count on Big, you can't count on Sarah Jessica Parker to be around, picking up after you in the West Village and searching for your address forever.

What if she's on vacation someday?

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