Peter Dinklage dropped in on Reddit on Friday to start an Ask Me Anything and make the end of the work week 10,000 times better. Here are some highlights. He really likes hummus.

On how he gets his hair to look so good:

It's called not owning a brush. Or a comb. That's my secret. Just don't buy a comb.

On his relationship with Lena Headey, who plays his wicked sister Cersei on Game of Thrones:

Sometimes we have to avoid eye contact so we don't crack up!! It's funny that sometimes people think with these serious scenes, people think the mood on set is very serious, but sometimes the most serious scenes can produce the most laughter on set.

On how he was asked to play Tyrion:

I told him I didn't want a really long beard and pointy shoes, and they assured me this character and this world wasn't that. They told me about his complexity, the fact that he wasn't a hero or a villain, that he was a womanizer and a drinker, and they painted a flawed and beautiful portrait of him, so i signed on.

On meeting fans:

I've met some people who have dogs named Tyrion.

On his personal life:

I'm not a cat person but I had a cat for ten years. Because I had a rat in my apartment and I don't like killing creatures. So I got a cat. I thought my roommate was going to take the cat but he moved out with his girlfriend and left the cat there. So I have this cat.

On his dream role:

I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Atticus Finch. It's so hard to say something like that, though. I don't see myself in the role since Gregory Peck did such a good job with it already.

On being a vegetarian:

It's funny, I'm one of those vegetarians that doesn't go to vegetarian restaurants. I guess you could say I'm a bad vegetarian.

So let's see....I like chopped salad? If you go to a really good restaurant, the chopped salad is really good.

But yeah, for the most part I'm a pretty bad veg.

On why he went vegetarian:

I decided to become a vegetarian when I was in my teens. At the time I was doing it because of my love for animals, but also for a girl. Of course.

I have continued to stay with it out of my great respect for animals, though. Any form of animal abuse is pretty upsetting to me. As a New Yorker it's hard to see horse drawn carriages every day, and I hope we can make more progress towards solving that issue.

On interesting facts about himself:

I love hummus?

On doing an AMA:

I just figure that there are already a million mainstream places to check if someone wants to know whether I've read the book series. I'm enjoying this as a place to weigh in on other, more important matters. Like hummus.

On unexpectedly running into Fresh Prince star Karyn Parsons on Reddit:

Hi Karyn! We should go out for hummus soon.

On why he does indie movies:

I think it's almost the duty of an actor to help out with smaller films and tell these stories that are infinitely better than some of the larger films.

On being an inspiration to other people with dwarfism:

Thank you but I'm just an actor. There are people out there trying to cure cancer, but I appreciate the love.

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