Ever wonder what Perez Hilton's up to these days? If not, that's definitely for the best—there are so many things out there to wonder about—but here is a glimpse: today he administered a prostate exam (or something!) live on Howard Stern's radio show. How the mighty (well, okay) fall.

The reason why Perez Hilton was asked to perform a "prostate exam" on Stern's show is another CLASSIC Stern bit. His sidekick Benjy bet Stern that he could lose 37 pounds by the end of July, but if he failed someone was going to... anally probe him, it appears. Today, Benjy admitted defeat in this very real bet, which brought Perez Hilton into the picture, the results of which—a lot of screaming, basically—you can hear above.

Howard Stern earned $95 million last year. Perez Hilton did not.

[video via TMZ]