Paris Hilton recently made the correct decision to spend 13,000 of her (unlimited?) dollars on what is said to be the "world's smallest pomeranian." It looks like a pipe cleaner chick, weighs 11.6 ounces, and was referred to on Paris's Instagram as "this."

TMZ reports the world's allegedly "smallest" pomeranian was bred in Calgary and purchased (for $13,000) from "Betty's Teacup Yorkies." Paris named him "Mr. Amazing."

She's posted a number of photos of the tiny pomeranian on her Instagram, including this one captioned, "Just ordered this aaa." Just ordered this aaaaaaaaaaaa!

Here are some cuter ones:

Aaaaaaaa. Mr. Amazing is 5 months old and stands proudly at 2.5 inches. Good luck to him.

[images via Getty, Instagram; h/t PageSix]