Stephenie Meyer Says She Literally Flipped a Table After Grey Ripped Off Her Idea

Jay Hathaway · 10/09/15 12:22PM

Twilight Saga perpetrator Stephenie Meyer has been working for a few years on Midnight Sun, a novel that retells the first Twilight book from the point of view of the creepy 100-year-old vampire who’s obsessed with a teenage girl for some reason. Twilight fans are fiending for the new book, but Meyer says it will never be released—especially now that Grey has ripped off her entire premise. She seems a little pissed?

I Want To Die

Jordan Sargent · 10/09/15 11:25AM

A refresher course on Justin Bieber’s dad. He’s allegedly: abandoned Bieber’s mother, roundhouse kicked a woman in the face, harassed a fight attendant so badly that she cowered in a cockpit, thrown a dog off a balcony and trashed an apartment paid for by his son. And he dresses like every day is Halloween during the year Malibu’s Most Wanted came out.

John Stamos Got Popped for Driving Under the Influence of GHB

Jay Hathaway · 10/08/15 09:50AM

John Stamos, famous for playing an allegedly cool dude who lived in his brother-in-law’s attic, was arrested back in June for driving under the influence; his silver Benz was spotted swerving dangerously through Beverly Hills. Now TMZ reports what he was allegedly under the influence of: GHB, a sedative perhaps best known as a date rape drug.

500 Days of Kristin, Day 255: Can You Spot the Deal? 

Allie Jones · 10/07/15 04:25PM

Kristin Cavallari, an important designer for the Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry shoe label, is having a good week. This is due to the fact that Kristin’s fringed “Cassie” boot made it into Life & Style Weekly’s “Designer or Deal?” column. The point of the column, if you’re not familiar and bad at guessing, is to get readers to guess which of two similar items is a “designer” piece, and which is a “deal.”

Nicki Minaj Gets the Final Word on Miley Cyrus Feud

Rich Juzwiak · 10/07/15 10:41AM

In the latest issue of the New York Times magazine, Nicki Minaj says something extremely well-reasoned regarding Miley Cyrus’s engagement with black culture. It is pointed and specific without getting unfairly personal or malicious. All internet thinkpieces should strive for its tone and succinctness. In fact, it is, in a paragraph, the ultimate internet thinkpiece:

Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors: Scott's Final Episode and Kris Jenner's Betrayal

Mariah Smith · 10/06/15 06:05PM

Hell hath no fury like a woman forced to film multiple enraged scenes about how her former husband who is now a woman named Caitlyn badmouthed her to Vanity Fair well over a month after the article in question is released. Kris Jenner’s fury is impressive, but especially when you consider that these scenes filmed well over a month after Caitlyn Jenner cast her as Satan’s bride.

Who's the Boss's Danny Pintauro Says He Contracted HIV Through Oral Sex

Rich Juzwiak · 10/06/15 01:15PM

Danny Pintauro, who played squeak-voiced Jonathan on the classic ‘80s sitcom Who’s the Boss, recently came out as HIV positive on an episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?, and was subsequently barraged with idiotic questions that revealed new sides to the deep ignorance of Candace Cameron Bure on The View (“I want to know, do you take responsibility for your actions? For being promiscuous, going into a lifestyle of having heightened sex because of the meth that you were using? I want to know what the message is. Because you want to be the face of HIV, to give that a face. But what is the message that you have? What does that mean?”).