In honor of Presidents Day, President Barack Obama is celebrating the holiday by sitting at home and watching his favorite television shows. The only difference between Obama and a normal person is that Obama is probably sitting at home watching advance episodes of Game of Thrones while you're stuck watching the season 3 trailer over and over.

According to the New York Times, Obama asked HBO Chief Executive Officer Richard Plepler at last week's state dinner for advance copies of True Detective and Game of Thrones to "watch over the holiday weekend."

There are only three episodes of True Detective left this season but Game of Thrones won't even premiere until April 2. Such entitlements! First Carolina Herrera dresses and now demanding advance copies of television shows about direwolves and magic and dragons and stuff? Get ready for Game of Thronesghazi on Fox News.

The fanboy president also tweeted about House of Cards on Thursday:

So did the president binge watch House of Cards this weekend? Does Michelle watch Game of Thrones with him? And holy shit, if you're not watching True Detective, why aren't you? So many questions, so few days off to watch television.

[h/t The Wrap, image via AP]