"We were on a break!" The words of Ross Geller ring in our ears this morning as we, with heavy hearts, bring you the news that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone—strangers to us, beautiful strangers—have decided to put their relationship on hold.

We've seen them in the Spider-Man movies. We've seen them on the red carpet. We've seen them hold signs too small to read with charity URLs written on them for the paparazzi and we have acknowledged that although it was likely a worthless effort it was, at least, something. We've seen them walking around. And today we see them struggling—struggling to balance their love with their careers. O Emma! O Andrew!

From Us Magazine:

"They had been fighting a lot and they hadn't seen each other. They have both been working but they weren't getting along," one source tells Us of the possible soon-to-be exes.

Audrey Hepburn once said, "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." Did these guys never hear that quote? Maybe they didn't. Us Magazine continues, about Garfield:

"He's very in his character," another insider tells Us of Garfield, who plays a Jesuit priest in Scorsese's film. "He's lost weight, and he's in a dark place mentally for his performance and he's not boyfriend material right now."

Let's hope these two beautiful actors can get it together, if that is what they desire. They seemed charming together in interviews, and were wonderful to see on the red carpet. Or maybe their life together was a nightmare, and they should stay far away from each other. Hard to say.

All right.

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