Glee used to be the popular one at network TV high school. Ratings were as high as a falsetto and the show's stars covered magazines like GQ, Rolling Stone and People. But now Glee is the lonely goth nibbling a sandwich all alone during lunchtime.

Today, Vulture has a chart showing ratings changes at network TV shows from 2012-2013 to 2013-2014. One takeaway is Vulture's, which is that a lot less people watched network television this year than they did last year. Another takeaway is this: God damn, people don't give a shit about Glee anymore.

That is Glee all the way down there at second-to-last, with a 45% drop in viewership year-to-year. It's sandwiched in between two shows—Raising Hope and Revolution, which is actually a show—that have been cancelled. Glee might have been cancelled this year, too, except it signed a deal early last year that guaranteed it two more seasons.

Glee's sixth and final season is in the works, then it will be time for college and everyone will lose touch with each other.

[promo image via Glee]